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The 1st Nordic Philosophers' Networking Day

Invitation to the 1st Nordic Philosophers' Networking Day

Dear colleagues and stakeholders and whoever else is just curious for any reason at all,

Please join us for the 1st Nordic Philosophers' Networking Day on Saturday, 30 April 2011.


To meet and connect
To exchange country news and inspire each other by way of short presentations on topics relevant to philosophical practice
To develop ideas on how to create and further develop and enhance a flourishing Nordic philosophical practitioners community: What events should we arrange in future, and in what other ways can we be useful to each other between events?
To exchange and develop ideas on how to raise awareness of the existence and usefulness of philosophical practice in the broader society
To give others a chance to see and hear what we are on about and get to know us (so please feel free to send a link to whomever you think might be interested!)


09.00-09.30 Welcome and intro

09.30-10.30 Ferdinand Garoff, Denmark: "Facilitating a philosophical discussion"

10.30-11.00 Coffee break

11.00-12.00 Perttu Salovaara, Finland: "On the method and topic at philosophical counselling"

12.00-13.00 Skuli Palsson, Iceland: "Attempts to introduce a philosophically inspired discussion method in primary schools" or Nis Bjarnhof, Denmark: "What is the relation between philosophical counseling and wisdom?"

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00-18.00 Nordic philosophers' program:
  • 14.00-14.45 Country news, educational news

  • 14.45-15.45 Discussing about the Nordic co-operation: Purpose and methods of a Nordic cooperation, what's next (possible co-operation forms, forums, contents, web-pages, etc.), who will do what, how to coordinate, etc.

  • 15.45-16.15 Coffee break

  • 16.15-17.45 Interest group meetings with Open Space Technology (those who want to introduce a topic and create discussion or an interest group around it, are able to do so, and others can join the group they want - or form their own!)

  • 17.45-18.00 We all meet again, and each group gets a few minutes to tell everybody what they have decided (or discussed), and what they are going to do after we part.
18.00-??.?? Dinner, Copenhagen by night


At the 10th International Conference on Philosophical Practice in Leusden, the Netherlands, August 2010, it became clear that there was a wish to have more common activities and nurture closer bonds between PP's in the Nordic countries. There were also hopes that together we would be able to promote more effectively a general awareness in society of the existence and benefits of philosophical practice and the availability of a growing number of highly qualified local philosophical practitioners right here in the Nordic countries. As a consequence, a five person coordination group was formed to foster ideas and take action. The 1st Nordic Philosophers' Networking Day is our first venture.


The event will take place on Saturday, 30 April in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Address details: Center for Erhvervs- & Ledelsesfilosofi, Kompagnistraede 22,1, 1208 Koebenhavn K

Our host will be Kim Goertz, PhD in philosophy, head of the Center for Erhvervs- & Ledelsesfilosofi and board member of the Danish Society of Philosophical Practice.

In consideration of our colleagues from Finland and Iceland, the official language will be English.

The registration deadline was 14 April 2011, and 33 participants have registered. There is room for a total of max 45 participants. Please send an e-mail to if you would like to register last minute, and I will let you know if it is possible to fit you in.

Costs: The Center for Erhvervs- & Ledelsesfilosofi are kindly putting their facilities at our disposal for free, so we will have to charge participants only a small amount to cover tee and coffee, fruit and biscuits. Thus, the participation fee will be only DKK 25 (less than EUR 4) per person to be paid in cash at the meeting. Please note: Lunch and dinner will have to be paid for separately at a cafe and a restaurant respectively - this is not included in the participation fee.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Best regards,

Henning Herrestad, Norway
Tulsa Jansson, Sweden
Perttu Salovaara, Finland
Pia Hverven Axell, Norway on behalf of Frida, Iceland
Marie Lund, Denmark

in cooperation with the Danish Society of Philosophical Practice